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Investigations, litigation and enforcement actions launched by state attorneys general are becoming increasingly commonplace, and present unique challenges that require a specific skillset to address.

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  • Technology

    • Won a resounding victory for clients T-Mobile and Deutsche Telekom  in a landmark antitrust trial in which AGs from 13 states and the District of Columbia sought to enjoin the merger of T-Mobile and Sprint. 
    • Represented Comcast  at trial in litigation brought by the Washington AG alleging violations of the state’s Consumer Protection Act. Successfully prevailed on summary judgment on one of the state’s claims and prevailed on a “half-time” motion to substantially curtail the scope of the remaining claims.
    • Representing a global telecommunications provider  in an investigation by five state AGs related to allegations of false advertising. 
    • Representing a large technology company   in a subpoena from the New York AG and Investor Protection Bureau regarding disclosures about various metrics.
    • Advising and representing a large technology company  regarding a security breach.
    • Representing a high-tech company in a successful federal court challenge to an investigation by the Mississippi AG.
  • Financial Services

    • Serving a financial institution as national coordinating counsel for state AG inquiries related to the Paycheck Protection Program and Covid-19 issues.
    • Representing an investment fund in connection with a potential New York AG inquiry into possible market manipulation related to Puerto Rico debt. 
    • Representing a financial services company  in an inquiry by the Massachusetts AG regarding cash sweep vehicles and overdraft charges.
    • Representing a financial institution  regarding a New York State AG inquiry on fraud detection and customer reimbursement practices.
    • Representing a financial institution  with a New Jersey AG inquiry and possible litigation around discriminatory lending. 
    • Represented Chase  in connection with the California AG’s investigation into the bank’s debt collection practices.
    • Obtaining total dismissal with prejudice of all claims against Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton , who was sued (in his personal capacity) by the SEC for securities fraud.
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals

    • Assisting a healthcare company  with response to New York AG request for information concerning the sale of essential goods during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    • Representing a pharmaceutical company  facing potential state AG investigations, as well as congressional inquiries and potential investigations by the Department of Justice and the Department of Health and Human Services, arising from charges of data manipulation at a subsidiary of the company. 
    • Advised Bristol-Myers Squibb  in state AG action related to claims that it violated consumer protection laws in the marketing of one of its products. 
    • Represented Oracle  in multiple lawsuits brought by the Oregon AG, stemming from the company’s work on Oregon’s healthcare exchange created under the Affordable Care Act.
  • Energy and Environment

    • Represented a utility company  in a multifaceted inquiry following an accident, which involved a Massachusetts AG inquiry and numerous other agencies and proceedings.  
    • Advising a Fortune 100 company  on potential AG actions over alleged environmental liabilities.
    • Providing comprehensive strategic advice to help a major energy company  successfully engage with state attorneys general in both parties, including through regular substantive updates on state AG activity in the energy sector and engagement at state AG conferences.
  • Media and Entertainment

    • Successfully represented the Berkshire Museum in multiple appellate proceedings and a wide-ranging investigation by the Massachusetts AG in relation to the Museum’s art collection, including two paintings by Norman Rockwell. 
    • Represented a large media company  in connection with the New York AG’s investigation regarding #MeToo-related allegations.

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