WilmerHale Hosts Pro Bono Client, Elevator Repair Service, in New York Office

WilmerHale Hosts Pro Bono Client, Elevator Repair Service, in New York Office


WilmerHale hosted an exclusive sneak preview of Arguendo, the latest work in progress by the award-winning Elevator Repair Service, in its New York office on July 16. Arguendo is a lively performance of the oral argument delivered in the 1991 First Amendment case Barnes v. Glen Theatre. The show follows the United States Supreme Court's debate about public indecency and freedom of expression in a case brought by a group of erotic dancers who sought to vindicate their right to perform in the nude.  

Elevator Repair Service, a pro bono client of the firm for eight years, will premiere Arguendo at The Public Theater in New York on September 10, 2013.

WilmerHale clients, summer associates, attorneys and other guests enjoyed the Elevator Repair Service's entertaining depiction of the oral argument before the Supreme Court. The performance was followed by an interactive discussion led by Mark Fleming and Paul Wolfson, two WilmerHale Appellate and Supreme Court Litigation partners, along with Elevator Repair Service Artistic Director John Collins. Fleming and Wolfson discussed key points that were raised in the case and shared personal anecdotes about their experiences in the court.

Elevator Repair Service has been a vibrant part of the New York theater scene since its founding in 1991. Known for their critically-acclaimed show GATZ, the group has received numerous awards for their unique performances, winning praise from publications including The New York Times, New York Magazine and The Times of London.

WilmerHale New York Partners Doug Curtis and Elizabeth Derbes arranged this unique event in support of the Elevator Repair Service.

Photo by Rob Strong