LexisNexis® Webinar: Alternative dispute resolution

LexisNexis® Webinar: Alternative dispute resolution

Speaking Engagement

According to Lord Justice Jackson "mediation has a significantly greater role to play in the civil justice system than is currently recognised." He calls for greater education of all litigation lawyers and judges on the benefits of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) as well as greater awareness of them among the public and businesses. For Jackson, ADR is part of the wider strategy to drive down the cost of litigation but his concern is that "its potential benefits are not as widely known as they should be."

This webinar will review ADR after Jackson reforms and give you practical tips when using mediation and arbitration. Topics will cover:

  • Judicial attitudes to mediation
  • Mediation after Jackson
  • Settlements and their enforcement
  • Interaction between arbitration and mediation
  • Recent developments in arbitration
  • Controlling cost and time in arbitration
  • Practical tips
 WilmerHale Partner Steven Finizio will be a featured speaker.

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