IoV Technologies as Patentable Subject Matter After Alice

IoV Technologies as Patentable Subject Matter After Alice


Post Grant Patent Proceedings Group Co-Chair David Cavanaugh and Associate Jonathan Robe author this Bloomberg Law article, the second in a series of five articles written by WilmerHale discussing how the emergence of IoT technologies will impact the automotive industry.

Excerpt: The Internet of Things (IoT)—that network of physical devices coupled to sensors that collect and upload data to share across the network—is an industry with a rapidly growing global market. The IoT market is expected to exceed $1 trillion worldwide by 2020. One particular application of IoT is the Internet of Vehicles (IoV), the network that serves as the centralized connection between autonomous vehicles. The IoV holds much promise for future technological development revolutionizing the basic model of travel. In view of the current landscape of patent laws, it can be useful to consider how patent law can impact the development of the IoV technologies. Read the full article.


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