GIR Live: DC Spring 2023

GIR Live: DC Spring 2023

Washington DC
Speaking Engagement

Global Investigations Review will host its 2023 GIR Live Spring Conference in Washington DC.

WilmerHale Partner Edward O’Callaghan will speak on the panel “Effects of changes to individual investigations and accountability.” The panel will discuss the DOJ announcement that they will complete investigations against individuals prior to or at the same time as entering a resolution against a corporation. Questions that the panel is expected to answer include:

  • Does the new policy allow for recognition of accidentally breaking the law vs bad intent?
  • How does the new policy impact the way internal investigations are conducted?
  • How will changes to individual accountability affect companies’ business?
  • How will this change how private lawyers advise their clients?
  • Will this speed up individual prosecution or slow down corporate resolutions?


  • Edward O’Callaghan, Partner, WilmerHale
  • Maurice Bellan, Partner, Baker & McKenzie
  • Maria Calvet, Partner, Ropes & Gray
  • Laura Perkins, Partner, Hughes, Hubbard & Reed

WilmerHale is a Gold sponsor of the event.

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