Culture, Art, Cultural Identity and Small States

Culture, Art, Cultural Identity and Small States

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WilmerHale, the Institute of Small and Micro States (ISMS) and the British Institute of International and Comparative Law (BIICL) will host the sixth in their series of conferences on issues relating to small states. The conference will explore how small states manage the balancing act of preserving their cultural identity with being members of a globalized world.

Small states are not just small versions of large states–they are culturally and politically different from large ones. Small states have an astonishing cultural diversity and often develop unique cultural characteristics. This distinctiveness characterises even the smallest state. To be able to participate in today’s globalized world they need to balance isolation to protect their cultural uniqueness with economic openness. They have to assert their diversity and speciality in a globalized world. This is why small states defend their interests frequently much more vigorously and often in defiance of the international community.

The conference will take place online.

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