GAR Live: London 2021

GAR Live: London 2021

Butcher's Hall
Speaking Engagement

Professor Maxi Scherer and Charlie Caher will feature in the following session: "GAR Live Question Time –The Practice of International Arbitration after the pandemic – how will it change?"

We have quickly adapted to working “virtually” during the pandemic and lawyers have become very comfortable doing virtual hearings. But with back to “normal” in sight, what will practitioner’s post-pandemic practice look like? How much will change, and will it be for the better? In this quick-fire session the GAR audience will have the opportunity to ask our panel of leading names any question they like on the future of arbitration after Covid-19. 

Questions that they are expected to cover include:

  • To what extent will virtual hearings overtake in-person hearings – benefits and drawbacks of each?
  • Will a hybrid practice evolve of both virtual and in-person hearings and, if so, how will it develop?
  • The Impact of the new IBA Rules on virtual hearings?
  • What other lessons can be learnt from arbitration at a distance?
  • Will ease of virtual access save costs and time or will Parkinson’s law take over?

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