International Mediation and Arbitration Conference 2019

International Mediation and Arbitration Conference 2019

Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
Speaking Engagement

The theme of the conference is “Enhancing Rule of Law & Increasing Business Confidence in a Globalized Economy.”

Presentations & Papers on Global trends on Mediation & Arbitration will be presented & discussed. The conference will feature 30 speakers, including leading judges and scholars, and will bring together more than 300 delegates to discuss the trends in dispute resolutions and how to increase business confidence.

The conference will be jointly sponsored by the Papua New Guinea Judiciary, Asian Development Bank (ADB) Papua New Guinea Department of Justice and Attorney General and the Papua New Guinea Law Society.

WilmerHale Partner Steven Finizio will speak on the below panel sessions:

Arbitrating Technical Issues – Energy Disputes

  • Energy developments relevant to the South Pacific
  • Types of energy disputes
  • Focus on renewable energy and future directions

Arbitrating Technical Issues – Financial Disputes

  • Types of disputes arising from the financial sector
  • Increasing use of international arbitration for certain types of financial
  • Transactions (i.e. international loan agreements)
  • Issues with split or hybrid clauses in financial agreements

New Developments in Dispute Resolution

  • Hybrid dispute resolution processes (Med-Arb)
  • International Arbitration Developments (third party funding, cross-institution consolidation, code of ethics and other developments)

Climate Change and Rising Sea Levels: Appropriate Response

  • How to best resolve climate change disputes

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