2nd Annual GIR Live DC

2nd Annual GIR Live DC

Speaking Engagement

Global Investigations Review is holding its 2nd Annual GIR Live DC conference on Thursday, February 16. During the conference, WilmerHale Partner Kimberly Parker will speak on the panel "From bribers to the bribed: How the fight against kleptocracy and money-laundering is changing the face of global enforcement." Among the questions the panel will discuss:

  • What can we expect from the Trump Administration concerning kleptocracy enforcement?
  • How should bank compliance operations respond to the increased law enforcement interest?
  • How vigorously do law enforcers across the globe scour the Panama Papers, whistleblower tips and public source information for investigative leads?
  • Can we expect to see a reduced emphasis on FCPA investigations as the focus shifts to the bribe-takers?

WilmerHale is sponsoring this event.

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