WilmerHale on Disinformation and Deepfakes Risk Management

WilmerHale on Disinformation and Deepfakes Risk Management


In this piece, WilmerHale lawyers summarize the risks that fake viral narratives and synthetic media pose to business, the issues at stake, and how businesses can prepare and respond. 

Excerpt: Fast-spreading disinformation and the growing ease with which believable deepfake media can be created are threats that are poised to accelerate a range of business dangers, particularly those related to reputational risk, market manipulation and social engineering fraud. Businesses must have strategies in place to prepare for and respond to these challenges. At the same time, with synthetic media offering an array of innovative applications that can be used in legitimate ways, companies that want to benefit from the positive applications of deepfake technology must carefully assess the business and legal challenges of its use.

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For more information on these topics, listen to Ferraro, Partner Jason Chipman, and author Nina Schick discuss deepfakes and disinformation in an episode of the firm’s podcast, In the Public Interest.

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