WilmerHale Boasts Sixty-Five Lawyers Recently Named as Best Lawyers in America

WilmerHale Boasts Sixty-Five Lawyers Recently Named as Best Lawyers in America


Sixty-five lawyers from WilmerHale were recently honored in the 2005-2006 edition of The Best Lawyers in America. These lawyers represent each of the firm's domestic locations.

Over the past 20 years, The Best Lawyers in America has grown to be a preeminent referral guide to the legal profession in the United States. Lawyers are included in this guide based on a vote of their peers. Nearly one million individual votes were cast in developing the new edition. To learn more about this publication, accolades it has received and the methodology behind its research, please click here.

The following are the WilmerHale lawyers recognized in the 2005-2006 edition of The Best Lawyers in America, listed by state and alongside their respective practice areas:

Baltimore—Mark Pollak (Real Estate Law); Stephen H. Sachs (Alternative Dispute Resolution, Business Litigation, Criminal Defense); John Watkins (Corporate, M&A, Securities)

BostonKatharine E. Bachman (Real Estate Law); Mark G. Borden (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Paul P. Brountas (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Andrew H. Cohn (Real Estate Law); Paul P. Daley (Bankruptcy and Creditor Debtor Rights); Michael Fay (Trusts and Estates); Richard W. Giuliani (Tax Law); John D. Hamilton, Jr. (Real Estate Law); James B. Lampert (Intellectual Property Law); William F. Lee (Business Litigation); Vincent P. McCarthy (Real Estate Law); William O'Reilly (Real Estate Law); Mark N. Polebaum (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); David E. Redlick (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law), Roger M. Ritt (Tax Law); Patrick J. Rondeau (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Jeffrey B. Rudman (Business Litigation); John D. Sigel (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); Philip Stevenson (Real Estate Law); C. Hall Swaim (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); Robert Tuchmann (Real Estate Law); Gary A. Walpert (Intellectual Property Law)

New YorkPhilip Anker (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); Paul Engelmayer (Business Litigation); Robert B. McCaw (Business Litigation, Corporate, M&A, and Securities Law); Peter Vigeland (Business Litigation);

North Virginia—Duane D. Morse (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); Thomas W. White (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law)

Washington, DC—Gregory Baer (Financial Institutions and Transactions Law); Charlene Barshefsky (International Trade and Finance Law); Brandon Becker (Corporate, M&A, and Securities Law); Robert B. Bell (Antitrust Law); Russell J. Bruemmer (Banking Law, Financial Institutions and Transactions Law); Robert Cassidy (International Trade and Finance Law); Louis R. Cohen (Business Litigation, Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Meredith Cross (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Lloyd N. Cutler (Antitrust Law, Corporate, M&A, Securities Law, International Trade and Finance Law); Jamie Gorelick (Business Litigation); John D. Greenwald (International Trade and Finance Law); Gary N. Horlick (International Trade and Finance Law); Stephen Hut, Jr. (Business Litigation); Terrill A. Hyde (Tax Law); Michael R. Klein (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); William J. Kolasky (Antitrust Law); F. David Lake, Jr. (Tax Law); Charles Levy (International Trade and Finance Law); Martin Lybecker (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); William McLucas (Business Litigation, Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); A. Douglas Melamed (Antitrust Law); Robert Novick (International Trade and Finance Law); David W. Ogden (Business Litigation); John Payton (Business Litigation); William J. Perlstein (Bankruptcy and Creditor-Debtor Rights); Howard M. Shapiro (Business Litigation, Criminal Defense); Marianne Smythe (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Robert Stack (Tax Law); Seth P. Waxman (Business Litigation, First Amendment Law); Harry Weiss (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law); Laura S. Wertheimer (Business Litigation); William J. Wilkins (Tax Law); Roger Witten (Business Litigation, Criminal Defense); Soo Yim (Corporate, M&A, Securities Law)