Four WilmerHale Lawyers Named Rising Legal Stars by Law360

Four WilmerHale Lawyers Named Rising Legal Stars by Law360


After receiving hundreds of nominations, Law360 selected 10 Rising Legal Stars under 40 years old in a variety of practice areas, and four WilmerHale lawyers have been included on this list. Mark Fleming was highlighted as one of the 10 in the appellate category, and Lisa Pearlman, David Weller and Naboth Van den Broek were included as three of the 10 in the international trade category.

On April 15, Weller was profiled by Law360 for his exceptional scope of experience, ranging from deputy assistant US trade representative for China to his practice at WilmerHale helping major companies deal with trade barriers and restrictions imposed by China and other governments.

Law360 highlighted Weller’s work by stating, “He was the lead counsel in the first WTO case ever filed against China, which dealt with a Chinese value-added tax on imported semiconductors that effectively encouraged companies to produce the devices in China, rather than importing them from the US.”

Weller currently works on matters involving impediments to foreign market access, international dispute settlement proceedings and trade policy.

On April 14, Law360 profiled Van den Broek for his work representing major governments and large companies before the World Trade Organization in several of the most significant disputes of the past decade.

“In one precedential case, Van den Broek represented a foreign government in a dispute over Chinese policies designed to support the country's domestic car part industry. In December 2008, the WTO's appellate body upheld a decision siding with the U.S., EU and Canada, ruling that China's charges on imported car parts ran afoul of the country's WTO obligations,” stated Law360.

Van den Broek is also actively involved in the debate on how international climate negotiations and significant institutional changes in the EU, will affect his clients trade interests.

On April 13, Law360 profiled Pearlman for her unique ability to “bridge the gap between her international trade practice and the seemingly disparate fields of intellectual property and telecommunications.” Law360 specifically noted that her areas of expertise include the negotiation and implementation of international agreements, reform of US and foreign laws and regulations and domestic and international dispute settlement.

“Pearlman’s focus on the intersection of the three practice areas has particularly boosted her ability to assist-high technology companies— including those in the biotechnology and information technology sectors — to meet the challenges of selling innovative products in global markets, especially with respect to intellectual property,” stated Law360.

On April 7, Fleming was profiled in Law360 for his extraordinary pro bono work in connection with representation of six Guantanamo Bay prisoners in the US Supreme Court and his argument in the DC Circuit following the remand. Fleming was also highlighted for his work to reduce a multimillion dollar jury verdict against his client Medtronic Inc. in a patent suit brought by DePuy Spine Inc.

“He successfully lobbied the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit to reverse a $77.2 million lost profits award levied against Medtronic and won reversal of the $10 million sanction and $425,000 in attorneys’ fees imposed against Medtronic by the district court,” stated Law360.

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