Disinformation Litigation Lessons From Media Co. Losses

Disinformation Litigation Lessons From Media Co. Losses


WilmerHale's Matthew Ferraro, Sharon Kelleher Hogue and Louis Tompros authored the article "Disinformation Litigation Lessons From Media Co. Losses" in Law360. The article discusses the recent disinformation litigation cases and their outcomes that have led to important legal developments that those entering counter disinformation litigation or similar disputes should understand. 


In 2022 and early 2023, voting machine companies and the parents of school shooting victims won a string of court rulings against the media companies and personalities that had allegedly spread defamatory, viral lies about them.

While many of these cases are ongoing, potential litigants on either side should take note. The rulings show the growing strength of certain lawsuits brought to vindicate businesses and individuals allegedly injured by false statements broadcasted on television and spread through social media.

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