The 22nd Annual NASPP Conference

The 22nd Annual NASPP Conference

Speaking Engagement

Your stock plans are under siege from Congress, the SEC, investors, the media and the economy. You cannot afford to fall behind in this rapidly changing environment—all companies need to be considering new plan designs and it is critical that you and your staff have the best possible guidance. The NASPP Conference brings together top industry luminaries to provide the latest essential—and practical—implementation guidance that you need. Highlights from this year's program include:

  • The full picture of how current economic conditions and regulatory reforms are reshaping stock and executive compensation—and the real-world, practical solutions you need to respond to this rapidly changing landscape.
  • All the current hot topics in stock and executive compensation, including an update on the CEO pay ratio disclosure requirements, as well as other Dodd-Frank rulemaking projects and a round-up of regulatory developments over the past year.
  • Current trends and new opportunities in stock plan design, including TSR and other performance-based awards.
  • The latest news in tax developments.
  • What to expect for the 2015 proxy season and best practices for executive compensation disclosures.
  • Critical accounting developments and advanced financial reporting considerations.
  • The latest technologies and innovations in administrative practices.
  • Key international developments impacting overseas and globally mobile plan participants.

WilmerHale Partner Meredith Cross is a featured speaker at this event.

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