Stockholm Arbitration Summit: The Role of Law

Stockholm Arbitration Summit: The Role of Law

Speaking Engagement

Experienced arbitrators, counsel and corporate lawyers will come together and discuss issues relating to how to determine the Applicable Law in situations when there is no Party Agreement, the possible consequences of Mandatory National Laws, and to what extent Substantive Law is relevant to the outcome of the case.

The conference will deal with questions regarding Applicable Substantive Law, such as:

  • What is the Appropriate Law?
  • Should the Arbitral Tribunal take Mandatory Rules into account when deciding the case?
  • What law do national courts apply in cross border disputes?
  • Is the Law irrelevant in international arbitration?
  • What do the Corporate Lawyers think?
  • Can arbitration be characterized as a Market? Does it function properly as such? What will the future bring?

WilmerHale Partner Duncan Speller is a featured speaker at this event.

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