Practising Law Institute: International Arbitration 2015

Practising Law Institute: International Arbitration 2015

Speaking Engagement

If your company or client has a dispute arising out of a contract with a foreign party, international arbitration represents the best method of resolving that dispute in a neutral forum and enforcing any subsequent award. However, the resolution of international business disputes through arbitration raises issues that are simply not present in the litigation context. In many ways, arbitration offers more choices than litigation. What is the appropriate place of arbitration? Under which rules should you arbitrate? How many arbitrators should you have? Which arbitrator should you choose? How can you make the proceeding more efficient?

This program will address these and other critical issues and give you the information you need to successfully navigate the international arbitration process. Join exceptional faculty of experienced practitioners for instruction on the most current and important topics in this fast-growing field. If you handle any aspects of international arbitration or mediation for your clients or company, you will not want to miss this conference.

WilmerHale partner John Pierce will speak on the panel session, “Preparing Your Case: Experts” focusing on the following topics:

  • When do you need an expert?
  • Selecting your experts
  • Preparing the expert report
  • Preparing experts to testify
  • Hot-tubbing

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