Data Privacy & Security Considerations for Life Science & Tech Startups

Data Privacy & Security Considerations for Life Science & Tech Startups

Speaking Engagement

Information is a valuable asset to any life sciences or technology venture. This substantive session will help to frame data-related limitations, systems and practices that new companies are likely to encounter. The collection, analysis, storage and disclosure of information is often critical for developing and commercializing products, establishing strategic collaborations, securing regulatory approvals, and completing corporate acquisitions and other transactions.

When information includes personally identifiable information, it is necessary to address special regulatory and contractual considerations in a company’s earliest stages. By pursuing data privacy and security "by design," startup companies can be prepared for the privacy and security landscape and, hopefully, avoid burdensome "retrofitting" efforts that can disrupt future growth.

You will learn:

  • how to navigate the increasingly complex regulatory framework governing personally identifiable information, including the regulation of health-related data
  • which key contractual issues affect your venture companies that handle such data through their license agreements, collaborations and sales contracts

This presentation will be led by WilmerHale Partners Barry Hurewitz and Jeff Johnson, who will provide overviews of key regulatory and contractual considerations most likely to affect life sciences and technology startup companies.

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