ACC Foundation Webinar: Racial Equity Audits

ACC Foundation Webinar: Racial Equity Audits

Speaking Engagement

Join the ACC Foundation for an interactive panel discussion between in-house counsel and leaders in anti-discrimination investigations about ways companies can address social justice concerns, including conducting Racial Equity Audits, which are an analysis of a company’s practices, policies and histories used to combat systemic racism in order to end discrimination within or exhibited by the company. Racial Equity Audits can focus on various aspects of a company’s business, including the treatment of customers, the diversity of senior management, the targeting of products and even political contributions. Hear perspectives from experienced litigators within this field and learn more about what you can be doing to improve your company’s internal practices and policies.

The topics discussed will include:

  • An overview of the ESG landscape today
  • How ESG ties into shareholder activism
  • The recent push for Racial Equity Audits
  • How Racial Equity Audits may boost financial returns and growth
  • How to address pushback to Racial Equity Audits

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