ACI Virtual Conference on US-China Trade Controls

ACI Virtual Conference on US-China Trade Controls

Virtual Conference

This conference will offer guidance on military user and end-user regulations, the Foreign Direct Product Rule, critical technologies and licensing exceptions. Speakers will discuss topics such as:

  • The Entity List and Your Business Relationships: Resolving Hidden Pitfalls Affecting Due Diligence, Compliance and Reputational Risk
  • Military User and End-User: How to Apply the Regulations and Pitfalls to Avoid
  • Hong Kong: Takeaways on the Future of Hong Kong and Future Exports and Re-Exports to China
  • Foreign Direct Product Rule: The Finer Points of Interpreting and Applying the Rule
  • Critical Technologies with CFIUS: New Requirements and What They Mean for Deals Coming Down the Pipeline

Partner Ed O'Callaghan will be a featured speaker on the panel titled "DOJ Interview—China Initiative, National Security and Export Enforcement" along with US Department of Justice National Security Division Assistant Attorney General John Demers.

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