Asia-Africa Legal Consultative Organization Annual Arbitration Forum

Asia-Africa Legal Consultative Organization Annual Arbitration Forum

AIAC, Bangunan Sulaiman
Speaking Engagement

The Asian International Arbitration Centre will host the Asian-African Legal Consultative Organisation (AALCO)’s Annual Arbitration Forum on "Connecting Asia and Africa, Connecting Investment and ADR: Opportunities and Challenges." The two-day conference will discuss the role of the AALCO arbitration centers in facilitating investment and promoting the use of ADR across Asia and Africa, opportunities and challenges, and information for investors venturing into business in the different regions. Breakout sessions on the contemporary developments in ADR in Asia and Africa will also take place. In addition, panelists will discuss opportunities for investment and dispute resolution through ADR mechanisms, the paradigm shift from regional trade agreements to cross-continent agreements between Asia and Africa, and the harmonization of related legal regimes.

WilmerHale Senior Associate Jonathan Lim will present on “Investment Treaty Developments in Asia and Africa” during the “Investing in Asia and Africa: Opportunities and Challenges Ahead” panel.

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