Evolving Sanctions Regimes More Complex and More Aggressively Enforced

Evolving Sanctions Regimes More Complex and More Aggressively Enforced

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Since taking office, the Trump Administration has issued complex new sanctions via Executive Orders and designations against North Korea, Russia, Venezuela, and Iran.

New regulatory requirements about entity ownership mean that companies must adeptly navigate often-opaque networks of companies with multiple owners to ensure they do not do business with sanctioned entities. Compliance expectations are high, and banks, in particular, are reviewing their customer on-boarding and due diligence programs, sanctions screening applications, and overall sanctions exposure.

The effectiveness of US sanctions is also under threat from new ways of conducting financial transactions that bypass regulated entities, including those that leverage blockchain. Such technologies are increasingly being used by banks, shipping companies, and other firms and potentially make it easier to circumvent sanctions.

This webinar will bring together a panel for a practical discussion on ways to proactively mitigate the regulatory and commercial risk from sanctions and manage proliferating financial innovation. WilmerHale Senior Associate Zach Goldman will be a panelist.

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