3rd Annual GIR Live DC

3rd Annual GIR Live DC

Speaking Engagement

Although not without its challenges, two decades of work at the OECD aimed at building personal relationships among prosecutors in international jurisdictions are paying off in a new era of global enforcement cooperation. Despite much speculation about how recent and perhaps future changes in political leadership in various countries might affect enforcement, enforcement officials have pressed on, and worked together, to develop and pursue some of the most complex multi-jurisdictional cases in history, in some cases employing creative and aggressive theories of liability. Can anyone predict what the future holds?

A distinguished panel will rise to the challenge, leading an audience-driven discussion of topics, including:

  • What do the FIFA, Vimpelcom, Petrobras, Rolls-Royce and other big cases teach us about the risks of prosecution?
  • How does politics affect enforcement policy and practice and what changes may be coming soon?
  • How does the Justice Department's increasing use of the US conspiracy, aiding and abetting, obstruction and AML statutes affect enforcement risks?
  • What's behind the Securities and Exchange Commission's expansive interpretations of liability, jurisdiction, and definition of a government official in recent FCPA resolutions?
  • What compliance policies and practices are needed to meet the emerging global standard for an effective program?

WilmerHale Partner Ronald Machen will speak on the topic "Developments and emerging trends in multinational enforcement."

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