Harvard Law School Problem Solving Workshop

Harvard Law School Problem Solving Workshop

Speaking Engagement

A uniquely structured offering, the Problem Solving Workshop bridges the gap between academic study and practical lawyering. Students confront client problems—framed from the clients' and attorneys' points of view and designed expressly for the Workshop—in the way practicing lawyers do, from the very beginning, before the facts are all known, before the client's goals are clarified, before the full range of options is explored, and before a course of conduct is chosen. Rather than teach law in the abstract, the course poses questions like these: What sort of problems do lawyers solve? How do they solve them? What intellectual constructs do they bring to bear? What practical judgments? And, as students find the answers to those questions, they learn to combine their knowledge of the law with practical judgment to help clients attain their goals within the bounds of the law.

WilmerHale Counsel Omar Khan will be a featured speaker at this event.

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