State Comprehensive Privacy Law Update – Week of February 4, 2022

State Comprehensive Privacy Law Update – Week of February 4, 2022

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As we had written about previously, there are several comprehensive privacy bills being considered at the state level. This blog post provides notable updates on bills companies should be paying attention to as they move through their respective legislatures. We will continue to keep you posted on updates to these bills and others as they occur.  

  1. Indiana Senate Passes SB 358; Bill Will Now Go to Indiana House
    The Indiana Senate passed SB 358 and it will now move to the Indiana House for consideration. Note that the latest version of the bill includes exemptions for entities and information that are regulated under certain federal laws (such as HIPAA and the GLBA) and moves back the effective date to January 1, 2025. 
  2. The Massachusetts Information Privacy Act Advances Through its Initial Committee
    The Massachusetts Information Privacy Act has advanced through the Joint Committee on Advanced Information Technology, Internet and Cybersecurity and will make its way through the Ways and Means Committee (though it is unclear when it will be put for a hearing). However, the version of the bill that made its way through committee is significantly diluted compared to the initial proposal. The bill no longer includes a duty of loyalty provision or a private right of action, among other pro-business changes. 


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