Technology, Software and Data Rights

Government Contracts


    • Negotiated IP licensing arrangements between a provider of advanced sensor equipment and the US Department of Defense
    • Secured an investment and technology development agreement between a telecommunications equipment provider and In-Q-Tel, the non-profit strategic investment affiliate of the Central Intelligence Agency
    • Advised a major international pharmaceutical company on the implications of federal financial support for technologies developed by and subsequently licensed from a US university
    • Secured waivers of US manufacturing preferences applicable to exclusive US licensees of federally-funded inventions
    • Negotiated Space Act Agreements to facilitate advanced research collaborations between an emerging technology company and two NASA space flight centers
    • Challenged a federal agency’s proposed exclusive licensing of a government-owned patent
    • Counseled clients on strategies to protect pre-existing, privately developed technologies in federal grant applications and in resulting federally-funded research programs
    • Obtained waivers of the Department of Energy’s presumed ownership of DOE-funded inventions and negotiated US competitiveness conditions that provide paths for non-US manufacturing