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The International Arbitration Review: Eighth Edition

September 7, 2017

By James H. Carter, Duncan Speller, Sabrina Lee, Stratos Pahis

The Law Reviews has published the eighth edition of The International Arbitration Review, with Senior Counsel James Carter serving as editor and author of the preface, as well as co-author of the United States chapter, along with Counsels Sabrina Lee and Stratos Pahis. Partner Duncan Speller is the author of the England & Wales chapter. Reproduced with permission from Law Business Research Ltd. These chapters were first published in The International Arbitration Review, 8th edition (August 2017).

Excerpt: International arbitration is a fast-moving express train, with new awards and court decisions of significance somewhere in the world rushing past every week. Legislatures, too, constantly tinker with or entirely revamp arbitration statutes in one jurisdiction or another. The international arbitration community has created a number of electronic and other publications that follow these developments regularly, requiring many more hours of reading from lawyers than was the case a few years ago.