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Companies engaging in matters involving eDiscovery and document review demand the highest quality legal representation and competitive pricing. WilmerHale's significant investment in people, processes, methodology and technology brings us to the forefront of eDiscovery and document review, allowing us to substantially reduce the cost of discovery; improve the predictability of those costs; and increase the efficiency and speed of document review. Our team can provide full-scale review services for English language documents and small-scale review services for documents in Spanish, French and German.

Advantages & Methodology


WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions is comprised of five departments that work collaboratively and cohesively to achieve the best results for our clients. Our team includes consulting attorneys, staff attorneys, discovery attorneys, litigation support and a technical team.

Working together, these departments achieve the following advantages for our clients:

  • a reduced number of irrelevant and duplicative documents to review;
  • faster identification and utilization of key documents;
  • more timely provision of key documents and facts to our partners;
  • internal handling of document reviews ranging in size from gigabytes to terabytes at a competitive and predictable cost; and
  • a strong platform from which to offer flexible and competitive pricing.


Our methodology is comprised of five steps:

1.  Reduce the volume of documents to review
2.  Review more efficiently
3.  Use technology to help code documents where appropriate 
4.  Use workflows to minimize time-consuming human intervention
5.  Use metrics to track, analyze and prevent errors

Client Support

WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions is unique in its multilayered approach to supporting our clients' needs, from strategic and technical advice to review services. The five departments that compose our team include:

Consulting Attorneys
Consulting attorneys focus on providing strategic and tactical advice on all aspects of eDiscovery. They advise colleagues and clients on best practices, emerging issues and industry trends. Consulting attorneys design and implement workflows using advanced predictive analytics, statistical modeling and other smarter discovery methodologies. Focusing on efficiency and risk mitigation, they analyze and coordinate the establishment of data preservation, collection, processing and production protocols with in-house information technology departments, litigation support and external service providers. 

Staff Attorneys
Staff attorneys provide substantive legal advice and technical knowledge to shepherd client data from document preservation and collection through processing, review, production and presentation. Applying their deep eDiscovery knowledge, smarter review methodology and legal project management techniques, staff attorneys increase efficiency and quality throughout the eDiscovery process across diverse legal matters. Staff attorneys are the chief eDiscovery liaisons between clients and firm attorneys and collaborate closely with consulting attorneys, discovery attorneys and litigation support. They consult with case teams and clients on how to effectively use eDiscovery platforms, designing and implementing tailored workflows to best meet matter and client needs.

Senior Discovery Attorneys
Senior discovery attorneys leverage their in-depth training and knowledge of eDiscovery best practices to manage document review workflow and execution; assist in the day-to-day oversight of eDiscovery matters; and support the effective implementation of quality control procedures, smarter review methodologies and pre-production processes. They serve as liaisons to WilmerHale's litigation support personnel, discovery and staff attorneys, and matter teams to help guide discovery projects from inception to completion.

Discovery Attorneys
Our discovery attorneys provide eDiscovery and document review support to firm clients across industries and practices. These attorneys leverage our cutting-edge in-house technology and third-party document review technologies to provide the most cost-effective document review. The discovery attorneys work seamlessly with our case teams to build greater efficiency into the discovery process than has ever been possible, and embody the high expectations of performance and quality that are hallmarks of the firm. Our discovery attorneys are capable of providing full-scale English language review services as well as small-scale review services for documents in Spanish, French and German.

Litigation Support Team
The Litigation Support team provides consulting, project management and specialized data services related to the technical aspects of eDiscovery. Whether utilizing our internal technology platform or engaging with an external service provider, Litigation Support leverages many years of experience and industry-leading best practices to identify and implement tailored technical solutions that deliver greater efficiency, precision and quality through every phase of the Electronic Discovery Reference Model (EDRM). Our team proactively advises attorneys and clients in strategic decision points, technical risk mitigation and QC methodology, procedural logistics, data integrity and security, document production planning and specifications, and the latest technology available to handle novel and emerging data types and sources.

WHDS Technology Group
The WHDS Technology Group includes operations and service engineers as well as processing specialists who have experience in using our internal technology platform. The group collaborates with Litigation Support and is responsible for loading and processing data to our internal database platform, managing internal database access and security permissions, ensuring optimal database performance, troubleshooting data exceptions, testing and implementing application upgrades, and monitoring adherence to internal service level agreements and best practices.


lawsuit-discovery-diagram.jpgWilmerHale DiscoverySolutions provides clients with a flexible pricing structure to meet their various needs and offers three distinct options that permit them to choose just the review, just the technology, or a complete package of both review and technology.

Option 1: Review
Clients who choose to use technology other than the WilmerHale offering will still benefit from the advantages of utilizing our discovery attorneys. In this offering, the firm charges a competitive hourly rate; however, as is true with all WilmerHale matters, the firm is willing to consider alternative fee engagements.

Option 2: Technology
Clients who want to leverage WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions technology may opt for set, predictable costs for their matter at an early stage, or to control their data costs more closely through early culling of the set.

Option 3: Technology and Review
Similar to our technology-only offering, clients who choose to leverage both the technology and review capabilities of WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions may opt for a predictable cost structure leveraging the technology together with a competitive hourly rate for document review performed by our discovery attorneys. Clients may also choose to maximize the predictability of technology and review costs by leveraging early analysis of their data to determine if a fixed fee arrangement is appropriate.


What are the benefits of WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions?
Clients obtaining representation for contested matters involving eDiscovery and document review expect to receive the highest-quality legal representation in a predictable and cost-effective manner. Our eDiscovery and document review process and methodology allow us to increase the efficiency and accuracy of document review while reducing associated time and costs, and continuing to produce high-quality legal work. Additional benefits include:

  • a reduced number of irrelevant and duplicative documents to review;
  • faster identification and utilization of key documents;
  • more timely provision of key documents and facts to our partners;
  • internal handling of document reviews ranging in size from gigabytes to terabytes at a competitive and predictable cost; and
  • a strong platform from which to offer flexible and competitive pricing.

Which document review tool does the firm use in-house?
Several years ago, the nature of discovery changed significantly. As a result, WilmerHale invested in a new technology platform and implemented substantive changes to our approach to discovery in order to drive more efficient, cost-effective and valuable document review work. Licensing an advanced document review technology was a key foundation to those efforts. In 2010, the firm licensed Recommind's Axcelerate—an advanced tool that enables us to drive smarter document review for our attorneys and clients. Recommind is currently the only document review tool we have in-house. In 2015, Recommind's Axcelerate was named the Best eDiscovery Review Platform in the Legaltech News Innovation Awards.

What are the benefits of using Recommind's Axcelerate?
We have built a smarter discovery and document review process and methodology using Recommind's technical foundation. Our capabilities allow us to increase the efficiency and value of document review while reducing associated time and costs. Our clients demand and expect us to be cognizant of the cost and inefficiency of traditional linear review. As a result, we have to think of and execute better discovery. Additional benefits of the Axcelerate tool include: 

  • A reduction in the number or deprioritization of irrelevant documents in review. There is a temporal aspect to what we do—the less time we spend reviewing non-responsive documents, the greater value we bring to our clients. Additionally the better we can front-load responsive documents and push non-responsive documents to the back of the queue, the better our time is used.
  • The ability to internally handle document review of large data volumes.
  • The ability to identify key documents and facts for case teams more quickly—again, in this field, time is of the essence, so there are mechanisms we can deploy to find the most important documents more quickly. 

What are some of the ways in which users can leverage Recommind's functionality?
To leverage the Axcelerate tool's functionality, users can: 

  • intelligently batch documents by term, concept, date, priority custodian, duplicate, near duplicate and thread;
  • utilize reporting features to review and revise search term hits;
  • utilize the "training" feature within the predictive coding pane to identify documents conceptually similar to important documents;
  • employ random sampling techniques for greater insight into the corpus of data and for quality control purposes;
  • review the auto-generated concept groups within the tool to prioritize data; and
  • utilize the "analyze" feature to compare any two metadata fields. 

How do WilmerHale's eDiscovery capabilities truly impact the firm's ability to offer alternative fee engagements?
With the adoption of a firm-wide methodology and standardized process supported by next-generation technology comes a better ability to predict costs, manage work, and align fees and the value of legal services. This solution affords us a level of capability to reliably and accurately track and report on a wide range of performance metrics. This information serves as the basis for developing new and innovative alternative fee engagements for our clients that are founded on fact-based estimates.

Can WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions be used post-discovery? Can it be used for production, trial prep, deposition prep or to analyze the opposing party's data?
Yes, our technology can be used to create productions and to analyze the opposing party's data. In addition, features of the technology can be leveraged to assist with trial and deposition preparation.

How is WilmerHale able to price this solution competitively as compared to outside vendors?
WilmerHale has a different business model than outside vendors who have to support their entire business and profitability through eDiscovery offerings. We are looking to improve the value proposition of these services for our clients.

How is the service priced? 
The cost of eDiscovery falls into two categories: technology and document review. For technology, we have priced the service in a competitive and predictable way. As for the cost of review itself, clients can leverage the expertise of WilmerHale discovery attorneys, who are able to perform higher-quality document review work with greater efficiency from our Business Services Center. For clients who are seeking the greatest benefit, we can offer combined pricing, which provides a competitive and predictable price for document review by our discovery attorneys.

Does WilmerHale offer CLEs to clients related to eDiscovery or document review?
WilmerHale frequently provides training on various topics for our clients, including training that qualifies for CLE. If a client is interested in having WilmerHale teach a program related to eDiscovery or document review, contact WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions Director of Operations Nathan Reichardt at +1 937 395 2138 or nathan.reichardt@wilmerhale.com.

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WHDS Administration

For global questions regarding the WilmerHale
DiscoverySolutions program:
Peggy L. Giunta
Peggy L. Giunta
Chief Legal Personnel and Development Officer;
Chief Practice Management Officer
+1 617 526 5544 (t) | peggy.giunta@wilmerhale.com

For Recommind or technology-based questions:

Nathan Reichardt
Nathan Reichardt
WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions Director of Operations
+1 937 395 2138 (t) | nathan.reichardt@wilmerhale.com

For discovery strategy questions:
Zviad V. Guruli
Zviad V. Guruli
WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions Firmwide Manager
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David M. Smith
David M. Smith
WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions Consulting Attorney
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Dawn M. Johnson
Dawn M. Johnson
WilmerHale DiscoverySolutions Manager
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For discovery attorney program questions:
Nathan Croumer
Nathan Croumer
Discovery Attorney Administrative Manager
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Micheline Kidwell
Micheline Kidwell
Discovery Attorney Staffing Manager
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For litigation support questions:
Ann Marie Riberdy
Ann Marie Riberdy
Firmwide Manager of WilmerHale
DiscoverySolutions Technology & Litigation Support
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William Robertson
William Robertson
Firmwide Manager of Discovery Attorneys & Litigation Support
+1 202 247 2398 | william.robertson@wilmerhale.com

Publications & News


May 28, 2014

Croumer Named to Dayton Business Journal’s “40 Under 40” List

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December 3, 2012

The Financial Times Recognizes WilmerHale as an Innovative Law Firm

The Financial Times released its third annual US Innovative Lawyers special report, recognizing WilmerHale's e-discovery practice and also its QuickStart Program (now known as QuickLaunch Program), designed for the startup community. The report reflects those law firms that are bringing fresh thinking and practices to solving business problems across the nation.

September 12, 2012

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