The Zelensky Deepfake Is a Warning for Corporate America

The Zelensky Deepfake Is a Warning for Corporate America


Matthew Ferraro discusses how Corporate America can respond to the increased use of deepfakes in an article published by CNN Business.

Excerpt: Last month, a false video circulated online that seemed to show Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky telling his soldiers to surrender to the Russian invasion. The video—a mediocre lip-sync of Zelensky's face and voice—was the product of artificial intelligence manipulation, commonly known as a deepfake. It is unclear who made the deepfake, but the Ukrainian government had been warning for weeks that Russia may push manipulated media.

The video quickly spread on social media. Zelensky promptly responded with a video of his own from the streets of Kyiv, proclaiming that he will continue to defend Ukraine, and that the country's citizens will only lay down their arms when they are victorious against Russia. And, the same day, major social media companies removed the deepfake for violating their policies on misinformation and manipulated media.

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