ACI's National Forum on FOCI

ACI's National Forum on FOCI

Speaking Engagement

Companies under FOCI need to stay alert on many fronts. With DSS being the primary agency in charge of overseeing FOCI mitigation, DOE and DHS also have their respective requirements (a “hybrid” arrangement in the case of the latter). In addition, while each of the various mitigation instruments in NISPOM already presents its own challenges, it can become even more complex, such as when a National Security Determination (NID) comes into play. Further, the intersection of FOCI mitigation with the CFIUS process requires a well thought-out strategy toward maximizing the chances of a favorable outcome.

This FOCI conference will bring together key stakeholders from government, industry and private practice, who are involved in some of the most significant matters to date. The agenda has been developed to ensure practical and worthwhile discussion and takeaways.

WilmerHale Partner Ben Powell will be a speaker on the panel, “FOCI Case Study—Managing the US Subsidiary-Foreign Parent Relationship.”

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