Exploring What’s Next for the “E” in ESG

Exploring What’s Next for the “E” in ESG

Yosemite, CA
Speaking Engagement

Environmental, social and governance or ESG investing and the “Anti-ESG” movement have gained increasing attention since 2020. Regulators, corporations, and stakeholders are taking a close look at the “E” in the midst of a changing climate and increased supply chain impacts - to both require disclosure on environmental issues and in an effort to push change, such as reduced emissions. For example, the US Securities & Exchange Commission plans to release climate-related disclosure rules later this year, and the California legislature is working on its own environmental disclosure rules. In 2021 and 2022, approximately 15% of all shareholder proposals were related to environmental disclosures, ranging from water usage to greenhouse gas emissions to deforestation to environmental justice.

WilmerHale Counsel Shannon Morrissey is moderating a panel that will explore how companies are responding to these demands and whether their efforts are meaningfully addressing the environmental impacts of business operations or simply providing empty commitments to appease investors and regulators, which carries its own legal risk. This panel will also assess where the ESG movement is headed - in the US and abroad.

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