GAR Live: New York 2023

GAR Live: New York 2023

New York, NY
Speaking Engagement

Rachael Kent will speak in a panel titled “A new era of Enforcement.”

Is the US entering a new era of support for award creditors seeking enforcement? The panelists will weigh in on the anti-suit injunctions issued by a US district court to prevent Spain from using European litigation to disrupt US enforcement proceedings, as well as the pending case before the Supreme Court over the potential use of RICO to enforce arbitral awards. The panel will consider what these developments represent and their potential implications for the enforcement of awards within the US and elsewhere. 

The panel will cover:

  • What are the potential implications for how foreign creditors can enforce international arbitral awards in the US? 
  • Will the threat of treble damages under RICO prove an important tool to convince debtors to make payments? 
  • What are the counter-currents blocking efforts to enforce?

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