Inaugural Armenia International Arbitration Conference

Inaugural Armenia International Arbitration Conference

Yerevan, Armenia
Speaking Engagement

Gary Born will feature in the second session of the inaugural Armenia International Arbitration Conference, titled "Launch of the Arbitration and Mediation Center of Armenia.” The speakers will discuss:

  • Impetus and institutional set-up of AMCA
  • AMCA's development journey
  • AMCA arbitration rules and its innovative features
  • Futures & foresight and resilience of AMCA
  • The role and operation of AMCA and how it will serve the needs of business

Franz Schwarz will moderate the third session of the conference, which will cover construction and mining disputes. The speakers will discuss:

  • Construction developments in Armenia and beyond
  • Types of construction disputes
  • Features of construction dispute resolution
  • Practice in construction disputes in Armenia
  • Key issues in mining arbitration and applicable substantive principles

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