The Future of US-China Dispute Resolution

The Future of US-China Dispute Resolution

Speaking Engagement

What does the future hold for US-China dispute resolution? The recent past has seen a marked change in the tenor of US-China relations and of China-Hong Kong relations, and the global pandemic has accelerated these changes.

Some in the international business community are re-calibrating the trade-offs between cost efficiency and the risk of disruption in global supply chains.

We are also witnessing a pause in investment and trade flows between the world's two greatest economies. What impact will these changes have on the arbitration and mediation of disputes between US and P.R.C. parties?

Will parties entering into new contracts change their dispute resolution preferences?

What challenges and opportunities do these recent events and trends present to leading Asia based arbitration venues, and to companies and their counsel?

Join the distinguished panel of international arbitration leaders for a timely and stimulating discussion.

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