64th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

64th Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference

Speaking Engagement

The Annual Intellectual Property Law Conference hosted by the University of Illinois, Chicago John Marshall Law School provides an exceptional opportunity to meet with newsmakers and influencers, to learn and discuss the most exciting and important developments in the field, and to be empowered to help create better laws and policies that promote innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship.

WilmerHale Counsel Annsley Ward will speak on a panel covering the following topics: legal realism and how it applies to IP generally; Grokster; Google/Oracle; FTC v. Qualcomm, Unwired  Planet  v.  Huawei; Sisvel  v.  Haier; Nokia v. Daimler (German Regional Ct), the US Department of Justice’s Business Review  Letter  on  Avanci; whether  eBay  needs  to  be abrogated; why  Congress  needs  to  act on patent eligibility; why the 2017 IPO/AIPLA reform proposal is still the best one we’ve seen so far.

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