Disputes of the Future

Disputes of the Future

Speaking Engagement

Counsel Sarah Ganz will co-moderate this event, a cooperation with the International Centre for Dispute Resolution, at which panelists will discuss the types of disputes that new technologies, concepts and environmental challenges may bring.

Join her for an evening discussion of future scenarios leading to disputes with our panelists on:

  • Tokenization: Silke Elrifai (CLO, Gnosis)
  • Climate-related disputes: Marcela Scarpellini (Legal Analysis, right.basedonsience)
  • Compliance: Christoph Harler (Acting CCO Bilfinger) and Gernot Tölle (Compliance Officer Headquarter, Bilfinger)
  • Cryptocurrencies: Maxim Balashevish (CEO, Santiment)

Panelists will discuss questions that include: What kind of disputes will we be dealing with in 20 years and will the dispute resolution mechanisms we are currently using still be the appropriate ones? Where will business go and will arbitration and litigation as we know it still be the choice of users? Will we actually need it?

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