Tribunal Secretaries: An LCIA Insight Behind the Curtain

Tribunal Secretaries: An LCIA Insight Behind the Curtain

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On 26 October 2017, the LCIA introduced changes to the tribunal secretaries section of its Notes for Arbitrators. These changes emphasise the central role of communication and consent in appointing a tribunal secretary, and ensure that parties are given the opportunity to have their say.

This seminar is the sixth in the series of events designed to help communicate these changes. At the seminar, the LCIA will provide a short introduction to the changes, before allowing attendees to watch them in action, with prominent members of the international arbitration community taking on the role of arbitrators and counsel. This role play will demonstrate how increased communication between the parties can alleviate concerns regarding the use of tribunal secretaries, and bring to light the substantial cost and efficiency benefits they can provide to both parties and arbitrators.

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