AICPA’s National Tax Conference

AICPA’s National Tax Conference

Speaking Engagement

Leading tax practitioners and key government officials will present differing and shared positions for a thoughtful review of potential scenarios, tax priorities and a pulse check of “So, what now?” Beyond the long view, the conference will help you skillfully maneuver within the present timeframe. Guidance direct from the IRS, Treasury and the DOJ, combined with peers' experiences and insights, will help attendees find the best path forward in advising clients.

WilmerHale Partner Richard Andersen will speak during the session entitled "Can I Prove I Paid a Tax on Foreign Income and Credit It All This Year?" He will provide an overview of the foreign tax credit system, including creditability of foreign levies and limitations on availability of both the direct and indirect credit. This session will also provide a presentation of foundational issues in the foreign tax credit area for practitioners new to the global arena, and a refresher and update to meet increasing challenges in the area.

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