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Robert Kimmitt Serves on US Economic Competitiveness Panel at World Affairs Councils of America 2012 National Conference

November 14, 2012

Ambassador Robert Kimmitt, Senior International Counsel in the Regulatory and Government Affairs Department, appeared before the World Affairs Councils of America’s (WACA) 2012 National Conference on November 8. WACA’s National Conference featured leading national security representatives from the national and international arena to discuss the topic “US National Security Policy: Six Top Issues for the President in 2013.”

Kimmitt was invited by the WACA Board of Directors to serve as a speaker in a Keynote Plenary discussion on “US Economic Competitiveness: What’s next for Europe?” Throughout the 60 minute panel discussion Kimmitt offered insight on the economic issues that may shape the coming policy agenda in both the White House and Congress in 2013. As the WACA National Conference took place two days after the US presidential elections, Kimmitt’s discussion points provided a timely and relevant look into possible effects any potential US economic policies may have on European markets. The audience present for the panel discussion included citizen leaders of business, civic and educational communities from throughout the country.

WACA is a leading foreign policy organization in the United States with a mission to educate, inspire and engage Americans in the critical global issues of the time. WACA’s National Conference serves as a forum to engage and educate national leaders on global issues that may have an impact on US policy.

Kimmitt (left) addresses the 2012 National Conference of the World Affairs Councils of America.