Labor and Employment GERMANY

Our German labor and employment lawyers advise and represent companies and public employers in all areas of individual and collective labor law, including aspects of social welfare law and tax law. As integrated members of the Corporate team, our lawyers assist clients both in Germany and abroad, and in particular contribute to the preparatory work for and implementation of M&A transactions. Our services include:

  • Comprehensive counsel for complex projects such as restructuring or downsizing, especially for reconciliations of interests or social compensation plans within companies.
  • Advising in the development and introduction of flexible working hour models and designing modern remuneration systems, including the reorganization of pension fund systems.
  • Advising our clients in everyday corporate life, including issues with the works council, individual personnel measures and in drafting and updating standard and individual work contracts.
  • Compliance consulting under labor law, including monitoring of telecommunications at the workplace, protection of privacy and against discrimination and advice on ethic guidelines of the company.
  • Advising on establishing and terminating employment contracts with executives and management staff and on the international deployment of employees.
  • Providing transaction advice prior to and during the implementation of acquisitions and subsequent restructuring procedures.
  • Advising and representing companies and executives in the termination of executive employment contracts including directors’ and officers’ liability.