For the Third Consecutive Year, WilmerHale Included in Yale’s List of Top Ten Family Friendly Firms

For the Third Consecutive Year, WilmerHale Included in Yale’s List of Top Ten Family Friendly Firms


For the third consecutive year, WilmerHale has been selected by Yale Law Women for inclusion on the prestigious list of the Top Ten Family Friendly Firms for 2010. Yale Law Women surveys top law firms each year on their family friendly and work-life policies and practices to showcase those firms that are committed to the retention and advancement of women in the legal industry.

“This award recognizes the firm’s commitment to promoting women in the legal field and validates our multifaceted approach to the retention of women through our family friendly policies, strong training programs, and our continued focus on providing leadership opportunities for women,” said Former Assistant Managing Partner Carol Clayton, who served as a Women’s Leadership Initiative office liaison.

WilmerHale is considered to be a leader in family friendly practices. For example, the firm’s parental leave policy is among the best in the profession, allowing 18 weeks of child-care leave with full pay and benefits for any parent who serves as the primary caregiver for a newborn or newly adopted child during the leave.

The firm also devotes substantial time and resources to enabling its lawyers to lead successful professional and personal lives. The Career Advancement Program includes flexible career tracks, robust mentoring and feedback, and competency-based professional development efforts that are designed to allow all lawyers to reach their full potential. Through the efforts of the Women’s Leadership Initiative (WLI), we continue to focus on the development and advancement of women. With direction from our Work Life Balance Committee, we also seek to cultivate a work environment that encourages our lawyers, women and men alike, to practice law in a manner that is consistent with the firm’s core values, while maintaining fulfilling family and personal lives.

Yale Law Women is a student run organization at Yale Law School whose mission is to promote the interests and development of women in law school and the legal industry. For more information on Yale Law Women, please click here.