David Ogden Discusses the False Claims Act on PBS NewsHour

David Ogden Discusses the False Claims Act on PBS NewsHour


WilmerHale Partner David Ogden appeared on PBS NewsHour with Host Rick Karr to discuss the need to reform the False Claims Act. As stated by Karr, Ogden—a former Deputy Attorney General of the United States—has become the leading advocate in a campaign by the US Chamber of Commerce to reform the law. Ogden states that reforms are needed to make the False Claims Act fairer and more effective at preventing fraud before it occurs.

“The False Claims Act...has been innovative and important in helping to detect and punish fraud after it occurs,” said Ogden. “What the False Claims Act is not good at and what I think needs to be fixed—and I think there’s an opportunity to do it—is to prevent fraud before it occurs.”

View the PBS NewsHour story “Whistleblowers win with False Claims Act, but does it actually deter fraud?” online at pbs.org and learn more about Ogden’s thoughts on reformation that would lead to less fraud, less harm, and less need for lawsuits.

A nationally recognized litigator and counselor with more than thirty years’ experience, David Ogden focuses on disputes with complex legal or policy dimensions and serious financial implications, including major False Claims Act investigations and litigation. In addition to serving as the Deputy Attorney General of the United States from 2009 to 2010, Ogden led False Claims Act enforcement for the United States as Assistant Attorney General for the Civil Division, United States Department of Justice, from 1999 to 2001, and supervised all litigation at the Department of Defense, including False Claims Act matters, as Deputy General Counsel (Legal Counsel) from 1994-95. Ogden is chair of the firm’s Government and Regulatory Litigation Group.