Supply Chains, Subcontracts and Teaming Arrangements

Supply Chains, Subcontracts and Teaming Arrangements

Government Contracts


  • Our team of government contract lawyers advises companies and institutions on supply chain management issues, including:

    • Oversight of subcontractor compliance systems
    • Implementation of programs to detect and prevent counterfeit or substandard electronic items
    • Application of cybersecurity safeguards and cyber incident reporting
    • Advice on domestic sourcing preferences, such as the Buy American Act, Trade Agreements Act, Berry Amendment and specialty metals sourcing regulations
  • Subcontracts are not government contracts as such, but are significantly impacted by federal acquisition policies and regulations. We advise government contractors and subcontractors on the application of mandatory and permissive flowdown clauses to subcontracts, not by merely incorporating lists of clauses, but rather, by applying our knowledge and experience to ensure that flowdown clauses are sensibly applied.

    Subcontracting issues that we routinely address include:

    • Application of mandatory and permissive flowdown of government contract clauses to subcontractors and vendors
    • Advice on subcontractors’ compliance controls and business systems
    • Implementation of required subcontracting plans
    • Managing the submission of subcontractor cost and pricing data
    • Securing consent to subcontracts
    • Compliance with contractual limitations on subcontracting
    • Submission of subcontract award and executive compensation reporting