Financial Services in Europe

European Union Regulatory Group

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  • We advise clients on matters including the following:

    • Compliance with the Financial Conglomerates Directive, including the criteria that apply to determination of an EU coordinator for a major third-country financial group.
    • The evolution of EU and national regulatory requirements applicable to alternative fund managers, including hedge funds and private equity funds, as well as the regulation of traditional asset management and investment funds, particularly related to marketing rules.
    • Risk-based solvency requirements for insurance conglomerates under the recently agreed Solvency II Directive.
    • Formation, sale and purchase of financial institutions, financial services providers and banks as well as branch office transfers.
    • Restructuring of financial institutions and savings banks.
    • Banking license requirements as well as other banking regulatory issues (e.g., rules on capital requirements, risk management).
    • Other compliance issues (e.g., data protection, anti-money laundering)
    • Consumer credit rules and credit card regulation, from a consumer protection, financial services (SEPA), and competition law (interchange) perspective.
    • Information, reporting and (ad-hoc) disclosure requirements (e.g., under the German Securities Trade Act and the applicable stock exchange regulations).
    • Public securities acquisitions and takeover regulations.
    • State aid compliance in the financial services sector, both for recipients of aid and their competitors.

Financial Services in Europe