FBI Warns Companies of “Almost Certain” Threats from Deepfakes

FBI Warns Companies of “Almost Certain” Threats from Deepfakes


Matthew F. Ferraro, Jason C. Chipman and Benjamin A. Powell author an article in The Journal of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Law's July–August 2021 edition titled, "FBI Warns Companies of 'Almost Certain' Threats from Deepfakes." The article follows the US Federal Bureau of Investigation's private industry notification advising companies on what are commonly referred to as “deepfakes." The authors explain the notification and recommend actions to guard against deepfake risk. 

Excerpt: The FBI’s stark warning—a first related to what are commonly referred to as “deepfakes” (synthetic media that is either wholly created or altered by artificial intelligence or machine learning)—comes amid rising awareness of the prevalence and potential dangers of disinformation in general, and highly realistic phony media in particular. For example, in February, believable deepfake videos of Tom Cruise appearing to play golf, walk through a store, and do a magic trick went viral online, suggesting that the era of nearly “flawless forgeries” has arrived.

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