GAR Live: Energy Disputes 2023

GAR Live: Energy Disputes 2023

London, United Kingdom
Speaking Engagement

Partner Charlie Caher is speaking on a panel titled, “Mid-stream Gas Disputes”. 

The panel will address the following questions:

With the war in Ukraine and sanctions affecting piped gas in Europe, liquefied natural gas (LNG) demand has skyrocketed, raising a host of unexpected issues, and related legal questions. In the following session, we will hear from both sides of the market – seller and buyers (of various types) – about the challenges that may lie ahead and the possibility of pipeline and LNG related gas disputes.

  • Disputes from failing to deliver pipeline gas and LNG: force majeure, missed cargo deliveries, rescheduling and failure to meet volume agreed 
  • Is there such a thing as an efficient breach?
  • Disputes arising from delayed LNG storage facilities terminal projects being built
  • What’s up in Asia, or the US?

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