9th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong

9th Annual GAR Live Hong Kong

Hong Kong International Arbitration Centre
Speaking Engagement

WilmerHale Partner Steven Finizio will speak during Session Four: The IA Team of the Future—Greener, More Diverse, and Better at Combining Cases With Family Life? 

This session will discuss a series of inter-related concerns that look set to determine the composition of the IA community in the future, and whether some of the concerns now being identified can be ameliorated. Things the next generation care about, in particular:

  • Mental and physical well-being: work-life balance. Does your jurisdiction have a word for “death by work”? Korea has recently imposed 52-hour working week. Is it possible to run international arbitration without a culture of long hours, or in organizations that span several different approaches to work-life balance?
  • The environment: Travel—the impact on daily life, and on the planet.
  • Choices beyond the law firm: Big Law versus life as an arbitrator—more 40 and 50-something partners are wondering if they could make it as an arbitrator, far younger than was traditionally thought possible. But is the time right?
  • Family: Being able to juggle career and family life, particularly in child-caring years; not being an absent parent who consistently prioritizes work over their family.

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