The King's - Columbia Praelium 2017

The King's - Columbia Praelium 2017

Speaking Engagement

Partner Franz Schwarz, Vice-Chair of our International Arbitration Practice Group, will be taking part in this year's King's - Columbia Praelium in London on May 15.

The event is an annual celebration of advocacy, with two leading international advocates deploying their oratorical and advocacy skills arguing an important current legal issue before a distinguished three-member tribunal.

This year's issue is the challenge of an ICSID arbitrator in a treaty arbitration on the basis of an alleged issue conflict. The tribunal will be chaired by Jackie van Haersolte-van Hof (LCIA) with Professor George A. Bermann (Columbia Law School) and Judge David D. Caron (King's College London and Iran-US Claims Tribunal) serving as co-arbitrators.

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