WilmerHale Webinar—What's Next After Oil States and SAS: The Future of IPR Challenges and Procedure – PART II

May 17, 2018 | Webinar

The US Supreme Court's recent decisions in Oil States v. Greene's Energy Group (No. 16-712) and SAS Institute Inc. v. Iancu (No. 16-969) raised as many questions as they answered. While IPRs are constitutional, possible additional challenges may arise, and the procedure for implementing the SAS decision remains in significant flux, with PTAB guidance and case-specific developments emerging almost every day.

Please join WilmerHale for part II of our series in which we discuss reactions to the Supreme Court's Oil States and SAS Institute decisions, strategic options in response, and the PTAB's guidance to date. This webinar will provide:

  • a brief synopsis of each opinion and its implications;
  • a discussion of potential impacts on stakeholders in the patent system;
  • an assessment of PTAB guidance for pending and new AIA Trials, and possible additional changes in post-grant processes at the PTO; and
  • analysis of the potential impact of the decisions on your business and IP strategies.

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