Trends, Developments in the Energy Sector: What to Expect in 2018 and Beyond

February 22, 2018 | Webinar


  • Webinar

Join a panel of key thought leaders and professionals assembled by The Knowledge Group as they provide the audience with an in-depth analysis of the current regulatory trends and legal developments in the energy sector. Speakers will also give useful insights on what to expect in 2018 and beyond.

Some of the major topics that will be covered in this course are:

  • The status of “coal-fired” electricity in 2018 and beyond
  • The Clean Power Plant Update
  • The future of renewables in traditional coal states
  • Recent RFS activity (rulemaking & politics) and prospects for a comprehensive “reset” in 2018
  • Post-mortem on DOE/FERC NOPR and the upcoming “Resilience” rulemaking Docket AD18-7-000
  • State-level environmental initiatives to offset the Federal retreat from climate policy
  • Litigation updates
  • Trends in enforcement of FERC's anti-market manipulation rule
  • Cybersecurity
  • Developments in offshore wind
  • Streamlined permitting

WilmerHale Partner Jonathan Cedarbaum and Special Counsel David Gold will be speakers on the panel.