GSA Schedule and Commercial Item Contracting

Government Contracts


  • This practice includes, among other things:

    • evaluating the commerciality of supplies and services offered to government customers or higher-tier contractors and advocating for commercial status;
    • applying commercial-type end user license agreements for commercial computer software and commercial computer software documentation and negotiating necessary modifications to reflect requirements and limitations that are unique to federal customers;
    • advising clients on the application of FAR, DFARS and other agency FAR supplement clauses to contracts and subcontracts for commercial supplies and services;
    • counseling on exemptions for commercial item contracts from federal Cost Accounting Standards and requirements for cost or pricing data;
    • negotiating GSA schedule contracts, including the establishment of a basis-of-award customer for purposes of applying the GSA’s most-favored pricing, or Price Reduction clause;
    • counseling on the “Section 508” accessibility standards for facilitating access to electronic information technology items by disabled persons; and
    • applying the exemption for commercial-item subcontractors from requirements for Small Business Subcontracting Plans.